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coast guard personnel manual chapter 4

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A.4, Technical Observers. (b) Enlisted Accessions, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST. M1000.2 (series), Article 4.A.6, Flight Orders for Enlisted Personnel. (c) Coast Guard Pay Manual, COMDTINST M7220.29 (series), Section 5-B,. Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay for Enlisted Members and. and SPO to ensure a smooth transition into the Coast Guard.. (a) Coast Guard Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) Manual, PPCINST. 3-A-4. CH-14. Accessions, Separations and Reenlistments. 3.A.2 Types of Accessions. 3.A.2.1. Introduction. Accession is the process of establishing personnel and pay. 2. ACTION. Commanding Officer, Coast Guard Pay and Personnel Center (CG PPC). 4. DISCUSSION. This change to the Coast Guard Pay Manual, COMDTINST 7220.29C, continues the ongoing efforts to update Coast Guard pay and allowance policy with... Chapter 9 Payment of Military Personnel . The Coast Guard Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Personnel. Manual, COMDTINST M12271.1A is cancelled. 4. MAJOR CHANGES. a. Table of Contents. Updated to properly reflect the pagination of the Manual. b. Chapter 1. Clarifies the employee classifications and includes hours and benefits. c. Chapter 2. 6. BACKGROUND. This Manual promulgates policy for the separation and retirement (including physical disability retirements) of military members from Coast Guard Service. This policy was previously contained in Chapter 12 and 17 of the Coast Guard Personnel Manual, COMDTINST. M1000.6 (series). Summary of Key Policy / Content: (1) 1.1 CGB Unit Roles, Duties & Responsibilities. (1) 1.1.1 Terminology. Role. Duties. Responsibility. Accountability. Authority. (1) 1.1.2 Roles Onboard the CGB. (1) 1.1.3 Training and Qualification. (1) 1.1.4 Shoreside Roles in the Coast Guard Unit (CGU). (1) 1.1.5 IRCG Employees. This Notice provides a change to subject manual for the information, use, and guidance of Coast Guard personnel assigned to marine safety duties. 2. SUMMARY OF CHANGE. a. This revision of Chapter 4, Marine Safety Law Enforcement, of the Marine Safety Manual (MSM) provides guidance for the enforcement of Marine. We submit there isn't an expert anywhere in the world who believes that any foreign military, police force, or fire department has suffered an overall detriment. Separation and Retirement Manual (MARCORSEPMAN), 6 June 2007, § 6207; COMDTINST M1000.6A, Coast Guard Personnel Manual, 8 January 1988, Ch. 12. Chapter 4 – Designated Surf Stations Section C. Surfman Management Program. The Coast Guard also leverages the knowledge and skills of surfmen to train boat forces personnel service-wide through the National Motor Lifeboat School, Command Cadre positions at designated heavy weather stations, and. Transfer of Patients at Coast Guard Expense. a. Details for the transfer of Coast Guard personnel to, from, or between hospitals and the responsibility for the expenses involved are contained in Chapter 4 of the Personnel Manual, COMDTINST M1000.6 (series). b. Information and requirements for the transfer of patients to,. pre-complaint counseling in accordance with chapter 4 of this. Manual. Coast Guard Managers and other personnel shall respond to any reports of harassment by putting the person alleging harassment in contact with the appropriate Civil Rights Detachment based on the geographical location of the alleged harassment. DIRECTIVES AFFECTED. Chapter 9 and enclosure (17) of the Safety and Environmental. Health Manual, COMDTINST M5100.47 (series), are hereby canceled. 4. DISCUSSION. No paper distribution of this Notice will be made. Electronic copies are available on the Coast Guard Directives System (CGDS) sites located on. D. Incorporated new monthly Coast Guard sea duty pay rate tables (Figure 4-3 of Chapter 4). E. Incorporated National Defense. I. Added requirement that SPO must audit all pay and allowances for accuracy on personnel assigned to that specific SPO IAW PPC's procedures. J. Removed overview of Joint. Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1G. 03 August 2012. CHAPTER 1. 1.B. Several updated Coast Guard office name changes. Figure 1-1 Coast Guard Auxiliary.. Chief, Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety (CG-542) (page 1-8) – Re-title as follows... Guard Personnel Security Action form (CG-5588) to the SECCEN. Coast Guard birth, sponsor marital status, patient address,. A-017 - United Military Personnel. Composite Health patient telephone number, email address,.. Chapter 4 of Medical Manual.” Military. Dependent. Clinical. Records. Chapter 4. D. Page 4, terminate 4 “years after the last record entry” However,. In exercising the authority conferred by either statute, Coast Guard personnel and, in some situations, supporting DoD platforms and personnel, must comply with the Coast Guard's Use of Force Policy (CGUFP). The CGUFP is set out in the agency's Maritime Law Enforcement Manual, which is designated “for official use. The Marine Safety Insignia is awarded to enlisted members and officers of the United States Coast Guard and United States Coast Guard Reserve, to Coast Guard Civilians, and to members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary to recognize professional accomplishment in the Marine Safety program. In addition, the. of shoreside transfer operations, personnel on watch In the marine transfer area for LNG, and security personnel; (e) A description of the security systems for the marine transfer area for LNG; (f) The procedures for — (1) Transfer operations including' gauging, cool down, pumping, venting, and shutdown; (2) Transfer. Director of Health and Safety Enel (1) Summary of substantial changes (2) CH-17 to Medical Manual, COMDTINST M6000.1B Enclosure (1) to COMDTNOTE... The responsibility of the Public Health Service for providing physicians, dentists, and other allied health personnel support to the Coast Guard is set forth in 42. 9-4. Records. 9-5. Communication Watchstanding. 9-5. Chapter 10 – FINANCES AND PROPERTY. Auxiliary Unit Financial Management. 10-1. Coast Guard Loaned. Reference: (a) Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1(series).. Auxiliarists may work with and for Fifth Coast Guard District staff personnel but initial. CH-2. 7-2. 7.E.2. Results wholly or partly from the grossly negligent, or reckless act of the claimant, or the claimant's agent or employee;. 3. Results from negligence on the part of Coast Guard personnel;. 4. Is for indirect or remote damages;. 5. Results from acts or omissions of military personnel while. Broadcasts (UMIBs) have been modified in Chapter 12. Accordingly, a thorough review of this Manual by telecommunications personnel and those that use telecommunications services is encouraged. This internal guidance for Coast Guard personnel is solely intended to promote efficiency and. 3. DIRECTIVES AFFECTED. The Coast Guard Medical Manual, COMDTINST M6000.1D, is cancelled. 4. MAJOR CHANGES. Major changes to this. Medical Manual. Table of Contents. CHAPTER 1. ORGANIZATION AND PERSONNEL. Section A. Organization. 1. Mission of the CG Health Services. CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE E-PME. A. GENERAL. Enlisted Professional Military Education (E-PME) provides a.. 4. Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO) of the Coast Guard. The MCPO of the. Coast Guard is the principal advocate for enlisted personnel and a key stakeholder in the E-PME. Director of Reserve and Military Personnel. MS... This chapter outlines the basic information that applies to a traveler in any travel category.. Civilian Employees. Other Travelers. 1. Air Force. 2. Army. 3. Marine Corps. 4. Navy. 5. U.S. Coast Guard. 6. National Oceanic and. Atmospheric Administration. 7. Marine Safety Manual. Volume III: Marine Industry. Personnel. COMDTINST 16000.8B Change 2. The United States Coast Guard. Available for viewing in the public docket is a change matrix that provides a summary of. USCG CE # 33 from further environmental analysis, in accordance with Section 2. USCG Marine Safety Manual, Vol. II: Materiel Inspection. SECTION B: DOMESTIC INSPECTION PROGRAMS. CHAPTER 4: INSPECTION PROCEDURES APPLICABLE TO VESSEL TYPES,. CLASSES, AND. Scientific personnel are not classed as either "mariners" or as "members of the crew," but as. "other persons". 1. Summary of Changes to Auxiliary Policies. Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1G. 03 August 2012. CHAPTER 1. 1.B. Several updated Coast Guard office name changes. Figure 1-1 Coast... Among all Coast Guard personnel, including Auxiliarists, marriage to or cohabitation with a non-U.S. citizen. Manual, COMDTINST M16130.2E is cancelled. 4. DISCUSSION. a. The CGADD is a Coast Guard publication complementing the NSS and IAMSAR for. obligations discussed, flow only to the Coast Guard and Coast Guard personnel are expected to. environmental analysis, in accordance with Section 2. U.S. Geological Survey Manual. SM 445-2-H CHAPTER 4. Occupational Safety and Health Standards, Procedures, and Guidelines. Instruction: This chapter is revised to remove environmental standards and guidance and to include additional safety and health standards and guidance. 1. Purpose.f. Coast Guard clinics' and sickbays' responsibilities are outlined in Chapters 1, 3, 4, and 5 of this. Manual. g. Unit commanding officers will educate their personnel regarding the need.. CHAPTER 4 LOGISTICS ... Coast Guard personnel in the mandatory vaccination program will resume immunizations. This Manual supersedes the Third Edition of the Civilian Personnel Law Manual. The Federal Personnel Manual (FPM) issued by the Office of Persormel. Chapter 1. General Provisions. Chapter 2. Annual Leave. Chapter 3. Lump-Sun I Leave. Payments. Chapter 4. Sick Leave. Chapter 5. Other Leave. Provisions. 1 i iii. 1-1. This chapter addresses the guidelines that apply to SCO budget resources and object classes. These guidelines.. the housing issue is addressed: “The Foreign Affairs Manual authorizes the assignment of. Government Owned. Military personnel who have acquired a foreign language and attained a language. Please provide comments on this manual to the Coast Guard. Chapter 4. Key Decisions/Objectives. Chapter 5. Unified Command. Chapter 6. Command Staff. Chapter 7. Operations Section. Chapter 8. Planning Section. Chapter 9. (IMH) is designed to assist Coast Guard personnel in the use of the. This chapter provides general guidelines for requirements from WSF Terminal. Security personnel. Contact the WSF Company Security Officer (CSO) with. Chapter 310. Page 310-2. WSF Terminal Design Manual M 3082.05. April 2016. (2) Design Guidance. Design and Engineering Standards CG-521,. The following diagnostic categories conform to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) IV-R and indicate the. shall be processed for discharge pursuant to Chapter 12 of the Personnel Manual, COMDTINST M1000.6 (series),. on the Coast Guard Reserve internet web site at http://www.uscg.mil/hq/reserve/pubs/RPM.pdf. 3. DIRECTIVES AFFECTED. None. 4. SUMMARY. Emboldened text and a vertical.. personnel of the Coast Guard Reserve based upon, and supplemental to, laws and regulations of higher authority. 2. ACTION. 2-4. Sep 2016. Operating Manual. Chapter 2 Organization. Small Blue Button Assist the Board of Control, Representatives and CGMA clients as necessary. Additional information concerning CGMA-HQ staff employees is contained in appendix B - CGMA Bylaws. 2. Contacting CGMA-HQ. Mail to the Coast Guard Mutual. 6-4. THE GUIDE TO PROCESSING PERSONNEL ACTIONS. 1-4. Creditable Service. Section 6303 of title 5, United States. Code, sets the rules for crediting.. States Code, restricts the amount of leave accrual credit military retirees receive for their active duty service. This section contains specific language on the treatment. M. Use of Coast Guard Real Property. 2-16. N. Personnel Security Investigations. 2-17. Chapter 3 Auxiliary Data System (AUXDATA). A. Auxiliary Member Duties. 3-1. B. AUXDATA Correction and Update Procedures. 3-3. C. Routing Procedures. 3-4. Table 3-1: Summary of Forms. 3-5. Chapter 4. Member. Military Personnel Policy Manual Glossary. 3–1. Chapter 4. 4–1. Military Personnel Policy Manual Privacy Statement. 4–1. Introduction. 4–1. Policy statement. 4–1. Definitions. 4–1. Scope and applicability of this chapter. 4–2. Privacy statement. 4–2. Collection and use of personal information. 4–2. conduct or make available to personnel of the Coast Guard, and to eligible spouses as defined under section 542, such specialized training and courses of instruction, including correspondence courses and the textbooks, manuals, and other materials required as part of such training or course of instruction, as may be. Safety Management. System Manual. Guidebook. Developed by: Commandant (G-MSO-2). U.S. Coast Guard. Chapter 6: Resources and Personnel. 13.. SMS Manual Guidebook. 9. Chapter 4. Designated Persons. Overview. Introduction. Every company, as appropriate, should designate a person(s) ashore with. Applicability. This regulation applies to USMEPCOM military and civilian personnel at all levels.. Chapter 4. Physical Fitness of Military Members. Physical Fitness and Weight Management Requirements. 4-1 18. Physical Fitness Testing. 4-2 19.... Military Occupational Specialties Marine Corps Manual. (e) If the manual meets the requirements of this part and part 156 of this chapter, the COTP will return one copy of the manual marked “Examined by the Coast Guard” as described in § 154.325. (f) The facility operator shall ensure that a sufficient number of copies of the examined Operations Manual,. Administration (OSHA), the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), and the U.S, Environmental Protection. Agency (EPA)..... 4). •. Describe the risks associated with each operation conducted (see Chapter 6, Site. Characterization). •. Confirm that personnel are adequately trained to perform their job responsibilities and to handle the. D. Evaluating Coast Guard Personnel For Licenses. 2-9. F. Examining Coast Guard Regional Examination Center Personnel For Licenses 2-9. CHAPTER 4: PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR MARINERS. A. Physical Examinations. 4-1. B. Qualified Medical Personnel. 4-1. C. Completing The Merchant. Safety. Management. System. Manual. Developed by: Commandant (G-MSO-2). U.S. Coast Guard... CHAPTER 6 RESOURCES AND PERSONNEL.............................................................................................. 21. Policy............................................................................................................................................................... 21.. Page 4. Policy Manual. Office of Management and Budget. Divisions: • Administration. • Central Services. • Facility Management. • Fiscal Management. • Human.. 4-1. CHAPTER 5: EMPLOYEE WORK HOURS, PAYROLL REPORTING, PERSONNEL. RECORDS, RECORDS MANAGEMENT, AND LITIGATION HOLD ORDER. 4. SUMMARY OF CHANGES. The major change is to introduce the. Differential Global Positioning System as the primary means to position aids to navigation. a. Chapter 2 - The.. of personnel involved in positioning Coast Guard aids to navigation.. this manual flow only from those involved in Coast Guard aid positioning.B.4. Alert phase. An alert phase is assigned when an aircraft, ship, or other craft or persons on board are having difficulty and may need assistance, but are not in immediate danger.. Additional policy and general information are provided in the Coast Guard Addendum to the National Search and Rescue Manual. C.3. Please provide comments on this manual to the Coast Guard. Chapter 4. Key Decisions/Objectives. Chapter 5. Unified Command. Chapter 6. Command Staff. Chapter 7. Operations Section. Chapter 8. Planning Section. Chapter 9. (IMH) is designed to assist Coast Guard personnel in the use of the. into the Manual to reduce the number of places Coast Guard members have to reference for guidance. Numerous non-technical. under column IV. The targeting matrix can be found on page 13. m. The content of Section D4, Port State Control, Targeting of Foreign Vessels has been edited to add port state. The following are the current Uniformed Service Principals: SAMUEL B. RETHERFORD. Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army. (Military Personnel).. 08-12. 307. 07-12. 306. 06-12. 305. 05-12. 304. 04-12. 303. 03-12. 302. 02-12. 301. 01-12. 300. 12-11. 299. 11-11. 298. 10-11. 297. 09-11. Chapter 4. Employee Review summary from Direct Access. CG memorandum to CGRC via command narrating degree type, years of experience, years of service, goals, and objectives. (Maximum of two one-sided pages). CO's endorsement. Refer to to Ch 4.B.1.b of the Coast Guard Recruiting Manual, COMDINST M1100.2 for. Chapter 2 | Fire. 34. Chapter 3 | Evacuation / Search and Rescue. 46. Chapter 4 | Flooding and Sinking. 72. Chapter 5 | Safety Systems (Personnel and Process). 89. Chapter 6 | Summary.. Safety Manual, Volume V. Significant Coast Guard resources were devoted to this investigation. The Board received. United States Coast Guard fraternization policies are contained in chapter 8 of the Coast Guard Personnel Manual, COMDTINST 1000.6A.. Romantic relationships between chief petty officers (E-7/8/9) and junior enlisted personnel (E-4 and below) are unacceptable. Coast Guard policy prohibits the. Chapter 1. Filing Maintenance. 1-1. Maintaining information. Effective files maintenance is essential to document the. Department of the Navy's (DON) official.... SECNAV Manual M-5210.2. June 2012. 24. Part IV. SSIC Sorted Numerically. MILITARY PERSONNEL. 1000-1999. SSIC. Title. 1000 - 1099. 2.2 CCG employees will follow the Fleet Safety and Security Manual procedures. 4. General. 4.1 Assistance at sea is a mutual service between mariners based on need and isolation. Assistance is typically provided without pause, as the providers know they. shall follow the directives in Section 2 as appropriate. 2. The purpose of the Military Spouse Preference (MSP) Program is to lessen the career interruption of. If registering for GS-4 and/or below, please review the listing of Clerical and. Administrative Positions in the.. procedures contained in Defense Civilian Personnel Manual Chapter 1800 or the PPP Operations Manual. Married in the Military. I continue to get wonderful e-mails from people who have questions about being in the Coast Guard. The latest e-mail came from a couple that wants to join the Coast Guard together and is concerned about collocation. Chapter 4 (Section A.8) of the Coast Guard Personnel Manual. This research, conducted at the request of the United States Coast Guard Manpower Requirements Determination Division, determines the data... 4). The construction of a MRD AIS exceeded the capabilities of USCG employees so the service contracted an information technology company to build the system. “The. Coast Guard Medals and Awards Manual, COMDTINST M1650.25C and Coast Guard Rewards and Recognition Handbook, CG Publication 1650.37 are cancelled. 4. MAJOR CHANGES. Major changes in this revision include: clarification.. C. Personnel eligible to receive military medals and decorations. M55121.1 NOAA Corps Directive,. Chapter 1, Part 5; Commissioned. Corps Personnel Manual 29.2,. Instructions 1 and 2. Pages: 319. This instruction implements Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) 36-30, Military Entitlements and. Department of Defense (DoD) Instructions 1000.1, Identity Cards Required by. Chapter 4, Structures, is removed from the manual and is superceded by the Aids to. Navigation Manual. An electronic version of this change is available at http://isddc.dot.gov/ and on the next. CG Directives CD-ROM. 4. SUMMARY OF CHANGES..... guidance of Coast Guard personnel. The high. SUBJECT: Surgeon General's Honor Guard Drill and Ceremonies Manual. 1. PURPOSE. This Drill.. Honor Guard personnel must exceed the United States Public Health Service. (USPHS) standards... States Navy, (4) United States Air Force, (5) United States Coast Guard, (6) USPHS, and. (7) NOAA. Prescribes that a pregnancy test be performed on all female prisoners taken into custody as military prisoners, nonmilitary Federal prisoners who are provided emergency care, enemy prisoners of war and other detained personnel, and awardees assigned to correctional custody units. BUMED Instruction 6320.83 Ref: (a) Coast Guard Personnel Manual, COMDTINST M 1000.6A, Chapter 16. 1. PURPOSE. This Instruction. 4. DISCUSSION. On 23 November 1998, the Coast Guard signed a Memorandum of. Understanding (MOU) with the Department of Defense (DOD), adding the Coast Guard as a participant in the. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. For the past decade, the Coast Guard has routinely violated procedures intended to protect service members from erroneous discharges for personality disorder (PD) and adjustment disorder (AD). As a result, hundreds of service members have been assigned serious diagnoses. Chapter 4, Section 1, and Section 3 for the Family Member Employment Assistance Program, specifically address transition assistance for separating service members. MCO P12000.11A, "Marine Corps Nonappropriated Fund Personnel Policy Manual," 31 October 2000 This Order provides detailed personnel.

coast guard personnel manual chapter 4

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